Nov 15, 2016 - The Dead Sea Swim Challenge

The Challenge

The Dead Sea Swim Challenge is the first ever crossing of the Dead Sea, a complex, life threatening undertaking designed to raise awareness of the Sea's demise and call for concerted action on the part of our governments to deal with the root causes of the Dead Sea’s demise.

On November 15th a team of some 30 swimmers from around the world and the region will embark on the 6-hour swim across the Dead Sea, using special full-facial masks to prevent the salt from entering their lungs. At the launch and at its conclusion, public events will be held involving affected communities and seeking to attract the very decision makers that we expect to take action to prevent the further demise of the Dead Sea.

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... and in the official webpage "Dead Sea Swim".

Here also is a link to a VIDEO of a practice swim held in August (only viewable by Dropbox).^$^~Dead Sea Swim.jpg^$^~Virgin Photo.jpg