FoEME is Calling on All Parties to Immediately Cease the Use of Force
July 17, 2006
EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East is alarmed by the continued loss of innocent lives in Lebanon, Israel and Gaza and is calling on all parties to immediately cease the use of force.

FoEME calls on the respective governments and on the international community to negotiate a settlement to end the crises and pave the way towards a sustainable peace in the region.

FoEME is deeply concerned about water provision and civilian infrastructure destruction in Lebanon and Gaza, and about the threat of environmental disaster from the burning of fuel depots, industrial plants and chemical installations taking place in Beirut and threatened to take place in Haifa.

FoEME welcomes the UN mission to the region. FoEME calls on all sides to cease further violent acts and protect the welfare of innocent civilians.