Kayaking down the last stretch of clean water in the River Jordan
Media Kayaking Tour: Tuesday December 5, 2006. Yardenit to Alumot Dam - 3 -5pm

Kayaking down the last stretch of clean water in the River Jordan

Israeli and Jordanian Mayors and Municipal representatives call out to clean up the River Jordan.

As part of a regional effort to rehabilitate the Jordan River FoEME has organized a five day tour of the Jordan River Valley for Mayors and municipal leaders along the length of the Valley. The Mayors will visit both the cultural and natural heritage sites that they share on both sides of the river valley.

In an effort to highlight the need to rehabilitate the river the mayor's delegation will Kayak along the last stretch of the Lower Jordan that still has clean water in it. They will Kayak from the Rob Roy station next to Yardenit just south of the Sea of Galilee to Alumot Dam. At Alumot Dam the fresh water is stopped and only raw sewage and heavily saline water is discharged into the river.

Historically 600-650 million cubic meters of fresh water flowed out of the Sea of Galilee down the Jordan every year. Today at this same point some 22 million cubic meters of raw sewage and saline waters is all that is left.

Media are invited to join the kayak at the Rob Roy Station and Kayak with the 30 member delegation down the last 3 kilometer stretch of clean water in the river and kayak up to the sewage.

The meeting place is at Rob Roy Kayaking next to Yardenit on the lower River Jordan. For directions call Rob Roy Kayaking at 04-6750333

Advance registration with FoEME is required.

Please call Gidon Bromberg at 0524532597 with the delegation

or Zach Tagar at 03-5605383 ext 7 or zach@foeme.org

or Michal Sagive at 03-5605383 ext 6 or michal@foeme.org