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Below is a compilation of short videos featuring EcoPeace Middle East in our own, and in news items video clips
EcoPeace Middle East - GENERAL
- EcoPeace / Friends of the Earth Middle East
EcoPeace's first video, describing the organization, our Good Water Neighbors Project, and in specific, youth Water Trustees work in the Community GIS project.  Filmed on location in Jordan, Israel and Palestine, this 14 minute video gives a good background to the type of work we do.
- EcoPeace Middle East: Peace is Possible - the Skoll Foundation's video project featuring Gidon Bromberg, Israeli Co-Director, talking about EcoPeace's work in the region, and how peace is possible.
- Sadovnick Partners Video Series featuring EcoPeace's Israeli Director, Gidon Bromberg in serveral videos: Leadership & Industry:
Leadership Challenges  
Leadership Is 
Leaders Making a Difference 
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What I Do 
- In Middle East, Coalition Aims to Ease Tension over Water Resources: America's PBS News Hour featured EcoPeace in this important Middle East Water Story.
Our message of the need for more equitable water sharing between the people in the region, the benefits gained by working together to protect our water resources, as well as filming our "Big Jump" event on the Lower Jordan River in August, are all seen and heard in this 8+ minute long item.

- "Sustainable Development in the Ziglab Basin" features the development of EcoPeace's growing Eco-Park in the Sheikh Hussein community in Jordan, as well as the water and land degradation issues facing the Jordan Valley in general. Created by an EcoPeace intern, the video is first in a series to be launched on YouTube that will both highlight regional environmental hazards as well as EcoPeace's efforts to advance both sustainable regional development and the creation of necessary conditions for lasting peace in our region.

- Friends of the Earth Middle East (EcoPeace) - 2009 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship - EcoPeace's Good Water Neighbors Project and Jordan River Peace Park are noted during this award ceremony. Gidon Bromberg gives an example of the impacts of our community work, with a story from a parents-teachers meeting...
Click on the links below to listen to two podcasts from the April 2010 Skoll Forum with EcoPeace's Israeli Director Gidon Bromberg:
- Peace Building and Conflict: The role for social entrepreneurs
- Water Scarcity and the Human Right to Water
- Share the Water - Build the Peace - This is a one-hour version of the World Affairs Council-DC's October 3, 2011 program featuring Gidon Bromberg, Co-Director, EcoPeace Middle East and a distinguished panel representing other peace-building organizations in the Middle East and other parts of the world.
Mr. Bromberg discusses EcoPeace's grassroots approach to solving the water problems in the Middle East while the other panelists and the audience pose questions regarding the challenges of bring peoples and countries together to solve problems.
TEDx Yale World Fellows - Gidon Bromberg giving a talk on "Water, Peace and the Arab Spring" at a TEDx event in Yale University, in the summer of 2011.
Ministers Gilad Erdan and Shaddad Attilli on Cross-Border Waters, moderated by Gidon Bromberg - A heated discussion took place on Israeli Palestinian water issues on December 13, 2011 at the Ashdod Sustainability Conference between the Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection, Gilad Erdan, and the Palestinian Minister of Water, Dr. Shaddad Attilli. This was the first time the Ministers met in Israel publicly to discuss issues in dispute between Israelis and Palestinians, such as water allocation, responsibility for pollution of shared streams, and more.
Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) - short 7 minute video describing the different Israeli and Palestinian organizations working towards peace in the Middle East, that are a part of the coalition "Alliance for Middle East Peace" working out of Washington D.C.  The video includes EcoPeace's efforts on peacebuilding...
- We Will Change It! - in June 2016, Good Water Neighbors Youth Water Trustees gathered at the Baptism Sites on both sides of the Jordan River, calling for action to rehabilitate the River Jordan, singing "We will, we will, change it"!
- Celebrating the Terraced Landscape in Battir - Featuring Israeli singer Ahinoan Nini, FoEME organized an event in the village of Battir to highlight the threat to the ancient terraces and agricultural practices in the area of Nahal Refaim and Battir, endangered by the suggested route of the Separation Barrier.
A professional video version of this event can be seen here.
- Interview on Israel's Channel 10 TV station (in Hebrew) with FoEME's Michal Sagive, speaking about our Good Water Neighbors project, the demise of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River, and and our regional approach to these and other environmental challenges facing the region. (The file is heavy, please be patient while it downloads...)

- Palestinians battle Israeli wall - this video, produced by Al Jazeera, depicts the challenges facing the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqin, and highlights the cooperation with its neighboring Israeli community of Tzur Hadassah in the framework of EcoPeace Middle East's Good Water Neighbors Project.

- Good Water Neighbors - This video was produced for the Green Globe Ceremony, April 22, 2010, where EcoPeace's 'Good Water Neighbors Project' was awarded the Environmental Education prize.

- Green MidEast Peace - This video features a cross border youth activity in the Israeli community of Ein Gedi, bringing together Israeli, Palestinian and Jordanian youth from other participating Good Water Neighbors project. At this workshop, they learned how to build a constructed wetland using a natural filtration process to recycle waste water. The youth here tell of their experience of meeting and working together with other students from the region.

- The Battle for Water in the West Bank - The second story in this news clip, from France 24 TV on July 17, 2009 depicts the difficult water reality in the Palestinian village of Al-Auja, one of FoEME's Good Water Neighbors communities. Gidon Bromberg is interviewed and describes the situation.

- A TV report on Israel's Channel 1 (in Hebrew) reports on the threats facing the unique agricultural village of Wadi Fukin and the cooperation fostered between their community and Tsur Hadassah.

Project to replenish Dead Sea water levels confirmed - BBC News Jeremy Howell reporting on the prospects of the Red Dead Canal project, with FoEME's Abed Sultan explaining the dangers it could pose.
Dead Sea to be topped up by Red Sea water - BBC news Ben Thompson reporting about the receding of the Dead Sea waters, with FoEME's Abed Sultan, who questions why so much water is diverted for agriculture while it gives such a low economic return, and says that water leakage through the piping systems must also be addressed...

- Environmental Organizations and Dead Sea Works Industry against the Red-Dead Canal project. Prior to the June 2010 World Bank Public Hearing, FoEME organized a media tour to the Dead Sea Works Industry's experimental mixing pools showing initial results of the mixing of Red Sea water and Dead Sea water...

- Land Sinking as Dead Sea Shrinks - Al Jazeera news broadcast about the sinkholes appearing on the shores of the Dead Sea in Ghor Hadita, Jordan.

- VIDEO: Dead Sea Still Shrinking Fast - A National Geographic video tells about the reasons for the shrinking of the Dead Sea, with Iyad Aburdeinheh (FoEME Deputy Director, Bethlehem office) and Gidon Bromberg (FoEME Israeli Director).

- $5B Plan: Canal from Red Sea to Dead Sea - An ABC News article that also includes two videos about the challenges facing the Dead Sea, its rate of decline and the controversial project to bring in water to the Dead Sea dubbed the "Red Dead Canal".

- The Dead Sea is dying and it's a 'man-made disaster' [Jewish Journal - VIDEO] - with Gidon Bromberg speaking about the Dead Sea...

- The Dead Sea is Dying - BBC News - FAST TRACK ISRAEL- with Gidon Bromberg speaking about the demise of the Dead Sea…

- The Dead Sea is Dying - CBS Evening News - with Gidon Bromberg speaking about the demise of the Dead Sea…

- Richard Bangs Adventures - Descending the Jordan, (Day 5) Fixing a Hole in the Holy Land; Resurrecting the Dead Sea - YAHOO! asked Friends of the Earth Middle East to accompany their trip down the Jordan River and to point out the environmental challenges facing the River and the Dead Sea. By Richard Bangs and Jim Slade

- Jordan River Big Jump 2015
EcoPeace gathered together youth from Israel, Palestine and Jordan to meet on opposite banks of the Lower Jordan River, at the Kaser el Yehud Baptism site, in a joint call to our governments to rehabilitate this most important River, that is today degraded and polluted. Heard in the background, is the "Jordan River Love Song" , also produced and sung by EcoPeace 'Water Trustees' from Israel, Palestine and Jordan.
- EcoPeace Middle East: Saving the Jordan River
A video produced by the Episcopal News Service about EcoPeace Middle East's campaign to rehabilitate the Jordan River: "Once a vital source of clean water throughout the Holy Land, the river has been sullied by untreated sewage and drought during the past 50 years".
- River out of Eden
A short film made by EcoPeace to introduce the tragic reality of the Jordan River and ask the public to join in its rehabilitation. To learn more please visit
- Interview on Palestinian TV with FoEME's Nader Khateeb and Deputy Patriarch - January 2013; following the Epiphany Celebrations at the Lower Jordan River, Palestinian TV interview regarding the Jordan River, it's religious importance as well as the environment.  Discussions included issues related to the Red Dead Canal project and the recent World Bank studies as well.
- Global Water Dance - on June 25th, 2011, youth from EcoPeace's "Good Water Neighbors" project,  joined together with Global Water Dances in a community engaged dance performance on the banks of the Jordan River. Global Water Dance is a world-wide event that brings awareness to water issues through the art of dance, and included 33 participating countries from around the world.
- Local Love Story (Jordan River Song) - youth from EcoPeace's Good Water Neighbors project that live along the banks of the Lower Jordan River - Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians - sing a song they helped to write, about the River Jordan....
- Channel 1 TV in Israel reports on FoEME's two new reports on the Jordan River that reveal new information on the state of the River and a plan for rehabilitation.
- Bridging Waters (English only version) was filmed on-site - in Israel and Jordan - during a week long "charrette" (architectural design workshop). Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian architects together with Yale University's Architecure and Design School toured and worked together on initial designs for the Jordan River Peace Park.   Also available is the English version with Hebrew and Arabic subtitles and the English version with Arabic subtitles only.

- Short video made by Professor Saleem Ali, Associate Professor of Environmental Planning and Asian Studies at the University of Vermont and author of "Peace Parks: Conservation and Conflict Resolution" during his visit to the Jordan River Peace Park on January 8, 2010 with commentary by Elizabeth Ya'ari, Jordan River Rehabilitation Project Coordinator, EcoPeace.

- Jordan River Peace Park - This item by The Media Line describes EcoPeace's Jordan River Peace Park initiative and the benefits that will be gained by both sides from this ecotourism project.

- Gidon Bromberg: Peace through Environmental Activism - by International Festival of Arts & Ideas - in collaboration with the Yale World Fellows Program; In the spirit of connecting art with ideas, the “Ideas Series” explores a current struggle to bridge cultural divides between Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians. The video features Gidon Bromberg, director of EcoPeace Middle East, Shimon Anisfeld and Alan Plattus for a discussion about their work to revitalize the Jordan River through the establishment of a Peace Park in the Jordan River Valley and their belief that environmental activism can promote peace.

- The Jordan River Needs Resurrecting - TIME Magazine reports on how the Jordan River's pollution and decline have had profound social and environmental consequences for the Jordan Valley. This video was later followed with Time Magazine awarding EcoPeace Middle East as Environmental Heroes 2008.

- The Jordan River is Dying with Palestinian Director Nader Khateeb, on Voice of America

- Jordan River - A film by Itamar Ilan, containing shots from EcoPeace's BIG JUMP! event in July 2005. This video offers a good explanation of the pollution and other challenges facing the Lower Jordan River (Hebrew).

- Jordan River Trailer - Video showing the different stakeholders pulling in different directions on how to rehabilitate the River.... after minute 3:50, shots of EcoPeace's BIG JUMP! event in July 2005 with Gidon Bromberg telling about the continued demise of the Lower Jordan River (Hebrew).

- River Jordan - The Australian Broadcasting Company's Jerusalem correspondent Matt Brown takes a trip down the Jordan River with environmentalist Gidon Bromberg...

- Race to Save Sea of Galilee from Disaster - SKY News, with Gidon Bromberg speaking about the water crisis and the Jordan River

- Richard Bangs Adventures - Descending the Jordan (Day 4) Bridges Over Troubled Waters, The Crookedest River What Is - YAHOO! asked EcoPeace Middle East to accompany their trip down the Jordan River and to point out the environmental challenges facing the River and the Dead Sea. By Richard Bangs and Jim Slade

Project Study Tour in Malaga, Spain 
Teams of municipal staff from Palestine, Jordan, Israel and Spain participating in the Protecting Ground Water project, met altogether for the first time in the County of Malaga, Spain in June 2012. Our Spanish hosts from the Malaga County Council showed us their beautiful county, as well as potential pollution sources for ground water and waste recycling sites. During the trip, social and professional contacts were established between peers of neighboring municipalities from different sides of our borders, which share mutual environmental challenges
- Project Study Tour in Israel and Palestine
A second Study Tour was held in Israel and Palestine in October 2012, hosting Palestinian, Israeli, Spanish and Jordanian municipality representatives, and various officials from different governmental and local authorities. The aim of the visit was to present the specific and relevant environmental problems in each location visited, and offer a special opportunity for stake holders from the different countries to meet and discuss activities for alleviation of mutual environmental hazards.
Particpating Municipalities Videos - Click here for the Community Videos webpage under the Protecting Ground Water project that includes short video clips of each community.

- Approaching Copenhagen: Perspectives from Around the World - Yale University, December 11, 2009; This panel session discusses the pivotal United Nations Climate Change Conference, which takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark this December and seeks a new international treaty on climate change. EcoPeace's Israeli Director, Gidon Bromberg, comments begin at minute 25:35
- Jordan River Bike Ride for
On October 9th, 2010 EcoPeace Middle East and the Israel Bicycle Association organized a unique cycling event. The bike ride through the Jordan Valley took place to call attention to the consequences of climate change for the water-stressed Middle East region, and the Lower Jordan River in particular, as well as the benefits of eco-tourism and cycling as a low-carbon and healthy means of transportation. Around 80 participants, children and adults, participated in the successful event. The tour was part of the international Global Work Party (
Gaza Water Crisis
July 2015 - EcoPeace states the immediate measures that can be taken to relieve the water crisis in Gaza