Press Coverage
The following are articles or other news coverage relating to FoEME's Sustainable Development projects

October 2, 2014, Haaretz
My Yom Kippur pledge: Stop destroying our planet
by Josie Glausiusz

May 30, 2014, Washington Post
Israel solves water woes with desalination
by AP

April 9, 2014, Haaretz
Searing drought spurs California to tap Israeli R&D
by Eetta Prince-Gibson
March 20, 2014, McClatchy DC
Israel no longer worried about its water supply, thanks to desalination plants
by Joel Greenberg
September 4, 2013, Israel Channel 10 TV (Hebrew)
Making a Change
(Gidon Bromberg talking about Grey Water Reuse at minute 40:25)
August 25, 2013, Israel Climate Coaltion
Mother Earth is not a Magician (Hebrew)
by Youval Arbel
June 10, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Cooperation on gas critical to regional stability
by Sharon Udasin
May 30, 2013, Al Jazeera
Refugee Influx worsens Jordan's water woes
by Elizabeth Whitman
February 2013, Israel Society of Ecology & Environmental Sciences (Hebrew)
Promoting sustainable agriculture by reforms in financial support from the State (see pg. 106)
by Ido Aviani
February 27, 2013, National Geographic NewsWatch
Parallel Worlds: Water Management in Israel and California
by Jay Famiglietti
February 27, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Israeli-Palestinian team studies local water issues
by Sharon Udasin
January 24, 2013, The Marker
Water prices will continue to rise because of the Tycoons
by Gidon Bromberg
January 16, 2013, Inter Press Service News Agency
Digging for Water, But Striking Oil
by Thalif Deen
January 10, 2013, Walla (Hebrew)
Is is worth it to desalinate?
Oped by Gidon Bromberg
January 10, 2013, Calcalist (Hebrew)
Why is it that when it rains, water prices still rise?
by Chen Pundak
December 21, 2012, Jerusalem Post
Economy of Tomorrow requires green strategies
by Sharon Udasin
December 6, 2012, BBC News
Could Oil Share Reserves Help Jordan?
by Jonathan Frewin
September 5, 2012, Al Sawt (Arabic)
Generating electricity from the sun to Jordan
by Shaker Al Jawhari
June 27, 2012, Jerusalem Post
Landau launches plan to restore Israel's streams
by Sharon Udasin
June 27, 2012, Jerusalem Post
Erdan:  No concrete outcome from Rio+20 summit
by Sharon Udasin
June 26, 2012, Energia news (Hebrew)
Cooperation between Israel and Canada on energy issues
March 8, 2012, The Marker (Hebrew)
High Court to opponents of the planning reform: the law was not enacted too speedily
March 8, 2012, The Pulse (Hebrew)
The planning reform:  opponents petition to the High Court was erased
February 22, 2012, Energia News (Hebrew)
Following IUED appeal to Supreme Court:  the vote on the planning reform to be postponed
January 5, 2012, Green Prophet
Going Green Ends With Water from the Sea
by Green Prophet staff
December 21, 2011, Future Challenges
Jordan's Water Crisis
by Peter Hagen
December 18, 2011, Jordan Times
Conservationists advocate cultivation of native plants to reduce water use
by Hana Namrouqa
December 15, 2011, Jordan Times
Conservationists advocate double-flush toilets to save water
by Hana Namrouqa
September 29, 2011, The Marker (Hebrew)
Who is trying to blow off Trachtenburg?
by Matan Hodorov
September 29, 2011, Nana (Hebrew)
Who is trying to blow off Trachtenburg?
by Matan Hodorov
September 17, 2011, Reshet Bet Radio (Hebrew)
Report:  Water Conservation over Desalination
September 15, 2011, Jerualem Post
Report: Water conservation touted over desalination
by Sharon Udasin
September 15, 2011, (Hebrew)
Water Crisis, Remember?
by Aviv Lavie
September 11, 2011, Tashtiyot (Hebrew)
New Report:  Economy based on water conservation better than that based on desalination
September 11, 2011, (Hebrew)
Researchers Against the Desalination Myth:  Better to Conserve Water
by Billie Frenkel
September 9, 2011, (Hebrew)
Research Study: Water Conservation Preferred to Desalination
by Dalia Mazori
August 25, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Judge nixes petition against purified wastewater reservoir
by Joanna Paraszczuk and Sharon Udasin
June 17, 2011, Ramla City News (Hebrew)
Water Corporations
June 17, 2011, Talk of the Town (Hebrew)
Significant strengthening
June 13, 2011, (Hebrew)
Recommendation:  State Comtroller will review water corporations
by Dalia Mazuri
June 13, 2011, Ynet (Hebrew)
Recommendation:  State Comptroller will check water corporations
by Meirav Crystal
June 13, 2011, Arutz 7 (Hebrew)
"The Hammer is not Hasson"
by Ezra Houki
June 14, 2011, News1 (Hebrew)
State Comptroller will review water corporations, despite their being private companies
by Ofer Wolfson
June 7, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Water bill would require public institutions to recycle
by Sharon Udasin
June 6, 2011, (Hebrew)
We should not return water management to municipalities
June 6, 2011, Arutz 7
'Gray Water' Bill will Save Residential Customers Money
May 25, 2011, Hamevaser Daily (Hebrew)
The Water Crisis in Israel: Will Desalination Solve the Problem?
May 19, 2011, (Hebrew)
Minister of Infrastructure:   We're still in the midst of a water crisis
by Dalia Mazori
May 12, 2011, Novosti Nedli (Russian)
Environmental Organizations Against Desalination
May 5, 2011, Radio Moreshet (Hebrew)
Water privitization (with FoEME's Michal Sagive at minute 8:46)
May 5, 2011, Galei Tzahal on line
Environmental Groups for Water Corporations
by Yael Abadi
May 5, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Green group blasts plan to build five desalination plants
by Sharon Udasin
May 4, 2011, Haaretz
Five desalination plants get green light
by Zafrir Rinat
May 4, 2011, Haaretz (Hebrew)
by 2050:  5 more desalination plants
by Zafrir Rinat
May 4, 2011, News1 (Hebrew)
By 2050, another 5 desalination plants
May 3, 2011, Energia News (Hebrew)
Against desalinating sea water
May 3, 2011, (Hebrew)
Plan: 5 more desalination plants by 2050
by NRG staff
April 13, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Environmental organization slams waste-water plan
by JPost staff
April 13, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Environmentalists blast Water Authority waste request
by Sharon Udasin
April 13, 2011, O Phileleftheros (The Liberal), (Greek)
Chernobyls All Around Cyprus: 46 nuclear reactors in our neighborhood until 2030 - Demanding a Nuclear Free Zone
by Nicholas

April 13, 2011, Tashtiot (Hebrew)
Nuclear Energy: Green organizations demand a nuclear free Middle East
by Tashtiot staff
April 12, 2011, Epoch Times (Hebrew)
30 days to the Tsunami disaster in Japan
by Marlene Aviva Greenfetter
April 7, 2011, The Marker (Hebrew)
The Water Reform
by Youval Arbel
March 30, The Guardian
Israel may build artificial island off Gaza Strip coast
by Conal Urquhart
March 24, 2011, Radio Moreshet (Hebrew)
Earth Hour - Interview with Youval Arbel
March 22, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Shorter showers urged for International Water Day
By Sharon Udasin
March 22, 2011, Potrebitel (Russian)
Washing in the shower - with an hourglass!
March 22, 2011, HotNews3 TV (Hebrew)
News Hour
Interview with FoEME's Amy Lipman Avizohar
March 22, 2011, Radio Reshet Bet (Hebrew)
Today's News
Interview with FoEME's Youval Arbel
March 22, 2011, Radio Reshet Bet (Arabic)
The Morning News
Interview with FoEME's Muhammed Biadsi
March 22, 2011, Radio 99 EcoLife (Hebrew)
World Water Day
Interview with FoEME's Gidon Bromberg
March 22, 2011, Ynet (Hebrew)
Stop wasting, it's time to adopt grey water recycling
by Gidon Bromberg
March 7, 2011, Ynet Economy (Hebrew)
Water Cooperatives:  without privatization, without politics
by Youval Arbel
January 19, 2011, The Marker / Haaretz (Hebrew)
Nature also has a right to water
by Youval Arbel
January 2011, Shalom Gennaio 2011 (Italian)
Israel is drying up (see page 7)
by Ariel David
December 21, 2010, - local North (Hebrew)
Dry in Our Throats: This is how an Israeli meal will look when we have no water
by Anat Moshe
December 5, 2010, Masa Acher (Hebrew)
Israel; Atomic Waste in our back yard
by Gili Sofer
November 23, 2010, Jerusalem Post
Cabinet to receive emergency water plan
by Ehud Zion Waldoks
November 23, 2010, Tashtiot (Hebrew)
MK Yoel Hasson launches Lobby for Water Security in Israel
by Irit Ulitzky
November 22, 2010, (Hebrew)
New:  Lobby for Water Security in Israel
nrg staff
November 22, 2010, Walla Finance (Hebrew)
Water Security, for us, for our neighbors, and for future generations
by Youval Arbel
November 22, 2010, News 1 (Hebrew)
Today, launching of the Lobby for Water Security in the Knesset
by Idan Yosef
November 22, 2010, Ladaat (Hebrew)
A Lobby for Water Security in Israel launched today led by MK Yoel Hasson
November 22, 2010, Arutz Sheva (Hebrew)
The Lobby for Water Security for Israel was launched in the Knesset
November 20, 2010, Epoch Times (Hebrew)
Palmahim Desalination Plant to be boosted to 45 mcm annual ouput
by Marlene Aviva Greenfeter
November 18, 2010, Go Kadima (Hebrew)
Invitation to event of the launching of a Lobby for Water Security in Israel, led by MK Yoel Hasson
August 12, 2010 NATURE magazine
Palestinians and Israelis Talk Water
by Haim Watzman
August 12, 2010, Huffington Post
Is Desalination the Answer?
By Yermi Brenner
August 11, 2010, The Marker (Hebrew)
The need to conserve water is not a temporary nuisance
By Youval Arbel
July 4, 2010, Globat Post
West Bank city sees a future in recycling
by Daniella Cheslow

July 1, 2010, Israel21c
Quenching your thirst with the Sea
by Karin Kloosterman

July 1, 2010, (Hebrew)
Israel is Drying? The responsible Ministers are in no hurry
by Yael Darel

June 28, 2010, The Marker (Hebrew)
Israel is Drying - but exporting subsidized water
by Youval Arbel (FoEME Israel Deputy Director)

June 6, 2010, The National Abu Dhabi
UN campaign aims to end Jordan's love affair with the plastic bag
by Suha Philip Ma’ayeh

April 24, 2010, Yermi Brenner Video Journalist
Desalination: Israel's Divisive Answer to Water Shortage (Video)

April 15, 2010, (Hebrew)
Coming soon: 3 municipalities will harvest and reuse rainwater
by Yael Darel

March 22, 2010, (Hebrew)
Water saving faucet devices instead of desalination
by Youval Arbel

March 22, 2010, (Hebrew)
Cancelling water tax brought a surge in consumption
by Aviv Lavie

March 17, 2010, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Environmental Organizations Report: Conservation over Desalination
by Zafrir Rinat

March 17, 2010, Maariv (Hebrew)
A new approach in managing our water can bring to a savings of 2 billion NIS per year
by Adi Hashmona'i

March 17, 2010, Jerusalem Post
More water for nature, conservation for residents
by Ehud Zion Waldoks

March 17, 2010, (Hebrew)
Environmental organizations: only an environmental approach can save the water sector
by Tal Liebergal

March 17, 2010, Globes (Hebrew)
Create an Attorney's office for environmental matters, as have economy and taxes
by Meirav Ankory

March 17, 2010, Ynet (Hebrew)
No need to desalinate so much
by Yael Darel

March 17, 2010, Walla (Hebrew)
Israel is in danger of drying out, we need to change our approach
by Walla staff

March 17, 2010, Arutz 7 (Hebrew)
Environmental management of the water economy will lead to huge savings
by Shimon Cohen

March 2, 2010, Globes (Hebrew)
Hundreds of letters sent to the Israeli PM protesting building and planning reforms
by Shira Horesh

February 19, 2010, Christian Science Monitor
No Water? No problem for these Jordanian farmers
By Nicholas Seeley

January 4, 2010, Green Prophet
Gidon Bromberg on Water Security and Sustainability in the Middle East
by Karin Kloosterman

January 3, 2010 - (Hebrew)
'Yes' to water tarrifs that cover all costs
by Daniel Ben Yehuda

November 15, 2009 - The MediaLine
Israel Ends Drought Tax but Raises Water Prices
by Benjamin Joffe-Walt

November 13, 2009 - Ha'aretz (Hebrew)
This is how water is saved abroad - and should be done here in Israel
by Zafrir Rinat

November 12, 2009 - Ma'ariv on line (Hebrew)
Don't freeze the drought tax
by Youval Arbel

September 15, 2009 - The Jewish Week
The Pressure's On Israelis to Save Water
by Michele Chabin

September 3, 2009 - (Hebrew)
Yes, we should pay the water tax
Op-ed by Youval Arbel, Deputy Director, FoEME Tel Aviv office

May 17, 2009 - (Hebrew)
If there is no water, why does the public have to save?

April 16, 2009 - (Hebrew)
Wisdom of Fools of Desalination Solutions
by Youval Arbel

March 23, 2009 - Jerusalem Post
Water Authority rebuts report that Israel lags in conservation
by Ehud Zion Waldoks

March 22, 2009 - Ha'aretz
Israel praised as world leader in water treatment
by Zafrir Rinat

March 22, 2009 - Jerusalem Post
Israel lagging behind in water conservation
by Ehud Zion Waldoks