Press Coverage 2011-present
Recent Press Coverage of Friends of the Earth Middle East and the State of the Jordan River
April 4, 2015, RTL News (Dutch)
Jordan River
by Laurens Samson

March 18, 2015, Episcopal News Service
Holy Land groups pave path to peace with commonality and trust
by Matthew Davies

March 18, 2015, Episcopal News Service
Video: EcoPeace Middle East: Saving the Jordan River
by Matthew Davies

March 18, 2015, Eurphrates Institute blog
Is there a connection between religion and the environment? You bet!
by Janessa Wilder
(click here for photos of the conference)

March 1, 2015, Jerusalem Post
Tiberias wastewater heads to new treatment plant, curbing raw sewage flow in Jordan River
by Sharon Udasin

February 24, 2015, La Croix (French)
The Jordan River...
by Melinee Priol

January 9, 2015, SBS Australian News
'Basically sewerage': Jordanian, Israeli, Palestinian environmentalists band together to clean river
by Peggy Giakoumelos

December 6, 2014, Maan News Network (Arabic)
Conference on Jordan River - at the Dead Sea

November 18, 2014, AlWatan Voice (Arabic)
Delegation from Chamber of Commerce and Industry Participate in a FoEME Conference

November 16, 2014, Kermalkom news (Arabic)
Israeli-Palestinian-Jordanian plan for the development of the Jordan River Basin

November 14, 2014, (Hebrew)
In the shadow of tensions: Environment brings together Israelis and Jordanians
by Ro'i Kais
November 12, 2014, Maariv (Hebrew)
Peretz's last day in office
by Arik Bender

November 11, 2014, Yediot Aharonot (Hebrew)
Yakov Perry in Jordan
by Itamar Eichner

November 11, 2014, JPost / Maarive on-line (Hebrew)
Minister Perry in Jordan: Convene a regional summit as soon as possible
by Donna Somberg

November 10, 2014, (Hebrew)
Perry: We need a diplomatic horizon
by Ro'i Kais
November 2, 2014, National Geographic, Water Currents
Can Desalination Help Save a Holy River?
by Brian Richter
October, 2014, Masa Acher (Hebrew)
Rehabilitating the River Jordan
October 22, 2014, Walla news (Hebrew)
Plan to rehabilitate the River Jordan progressing
by Eli Ashkenazi
October 5, 2014, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Many and muddy waters will flow in the Jordan until it is revived
(Click here for the full article in PDF format)
by Zafrir Rinat
September 1, 2014, Haaretz
Baptism in the River Jordan
by Mike Rogoff
September, 2014, EdenKeeper
Israel, Palestine, and the Jordan River Water Crisis
by Aisha Abdelhamid
September 2014, Origins - Current Events in Historical Perspective
Baptized in the Jordan: Restoring a Holy River
by Francesca de Chatel
April 25, 2014, NewsScientist
Multifaith bid to save River Jordan may inspire peace
by Fred Pearce
April 21, 2014, Oriental Morning Post (Chinese)
Green war and peace, may make a change in the Jordan River
by Shi Yi
April 9, 2014, Israel 21c
'Crossing the Jordan' links faith, ecology
by Abigail Klein Leichman
March 19, 2014, Maan News (Arabic)
Palestinian delegations visit the Jordan River
March 17, 2014, Roya News Broadcast (Arabic)
Public Hearing in Amman on the Lower Jordan Valley NGO Transboundary Master Plan Baselide report
February 22, 2014, National Geographic
Biblical Waters: Can the Jordan River Be Saved?
by Peter Schwartzstein
February 6, 2014, Al Monitor
Israel-Palestinian peace requires realism on Jordan Valley
by Akiva Eldar
January 15, 2014, Swedish Radio (Swedish)
Water war and eco peace by the Jordan River
by Anne Markowski and Sara Torsner
December 11, 2013, The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development
Religious Leaders Pour Hope into Jordan River
by Neria Greniman and Rachel Winner
December 4, 2013, Deeretna news (Arabic)
Swedish Minister concluded a visit to the Mouth of the Jordan River and South Shuna
by Samar Salma
November 29, 2013, Elijah Newsletter
Elijah Pledges to Preserve the Jordan River
November 25, 2013, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Friends of the Earth Middle East: 2013 Conferences
by Mira Edelstein
November 23, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Different faiths come together in support of the Jordan River
by Sharon Udasin
November 22, 2013, Environment and Climate in the Middle East
Jordan River Conference, “Good Water Neighbors” Conference, new pulbications – Friends of the Earth, Middle East
November 22, 2013, Port Washington News
Int’l Enviro Group Visits
By Linda Portney Goldstein
November 17, 2013, Green Prophet
Religions Sign On to Save the River Jordan
by Karin Kloosterman
November 17, 2013, SBS Audio (Hebrew)
Petta Jones Pellach at FoEME's Jordan River Conference
November 13, 2013, The Telos Group
Doing the things that make for peace: Friends of the Earth Middle East
by Todd Deatherage
November 10, 2013, Deeretna News (Arabic)
The Opening of the Conference of the Rehabilitation of the Jordan River
October 30, 2013, Christianity Today
All You Need to Know About Prince George and the Jordan
by Kevin P. Emmert
October 21, 2013, The Media Line
Can Water Diplomacy Bring Free Flowing Peace?
by Rye Druzin
October 9, 2013, New York Times
In a Polluted Stream, a Pathway to Peace
by Jeff Wheelwright

October 9, 2013, Medill Report Chicago
Restore the Jordan River: Mideast environmentalists seek support in Chicago
by Monika Wnuk
October 8, 2013, WBEZ91.5 Radio (Chicago, USA)
Water issues in the Middle East
September 10, 2013, OmVarlden (Swedish)
Jordan: a door to peace
by Ylva Kullander
September 5, 2013, Water Briefing
Rehabilitation of Jordan River crucial for Middle East water security
September 4, 2013, Israel Channel 10 TV (Hebrew)
Making a Change
(Gidon Bromberg talking about Grey Water Reuse at minute 40:25)
September 3, 2013, VA NYHETER (German)
Radder Floden
by Eva Boss
August 16, 2013, Salzburger Nachrichten (German)
The Jordan River Flows Again
by Gil Yaron
August 15, 2013, Ynet
Release Water, Not Only Prisoners
by Oded Eran and Gidon Bromberg
August 11, 2013, Der Tagesspiegel (German)
Cross the Jordan River; Flow of Water
by Gil Yaron
August 8, 2013, Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German)
Thus the Jordan Roars Again
by Gil Yaron
August 6, 2013, Christian Century
Roll Jordan, roll - sort of
by David Heim
June 2013, Smithsonian Magazine
Is a Lack of Water to Blame for the Conflict in Syria?
by Joshua Hammer

June 2013, America Abroad
The Politics of the Jordan River
by Linda Gradstein
May 29, 2013, Green Prophet
The Real Jordan River Will Flow from the Sea of Galilee Once Again
by Karin Kloosterman
May 28, 2013,
Free flow: Israel lifts 49-year blockage of Jordan River
May 27, 2013, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Water Cannot Wait
Oden Eran and Gidon Bromberg
May 26, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Water flows from Lake Kinneret to Jordan River
by Sharon Udasin
May 17, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Kinneret water to be released into Jordan River
by Sharon Udasin
May 17, 2013, Haaretz
For first time, Israel's Water Authority to pump Kinneret water into Jordan River (English)
Read the article here in Hebrew
by Zafrir Rinat
May 17, 2013, Environment and Climate in the Middle East
For first time, Israel’s Water Authority to pump Kinneret water into Jordan River – Haaretz / Jerusalem Post
April 21, 2013, BBC Radio
Interview with Rabbi Frank Dabba Smith and Imam Shahab Hussein about the
Lower Jordan River
(go to minute 31:15)
by Ed Stourto
April 16, 2013, Stockhom Water Front Magazine
A Last Ditch Effort to Save the Jordan River
by Rami Abdelrahman
April 8, 2013, Al Monitor
Knesset Member: Israel, Region, Must Cooperate on Environment
by Mazal Mualem
March 22, 2013, Forbes
World Water Day 2013: Water as a Catalyst for Peace
by Sylvia Lee, Skoll Global Threats Program
March 2013, Schneller (German)
A River of Eden Beyond
by Anwar Abu Hammour
March 21, 2013, Wake Forest Univeristy Newspaper
Exploring Jordan’s historical waterways
by Joey DeRosa
March 15, 2013, Huffington Post - OpEd
President Obama, When in the Middle East, Walk on Water
by Oded Eran and Gidon Bromberg
January 2013, Missio Magazine (German)
The Jordan: Frontier workers and bridge builders
by Gundula Madeleine Tegtmeyer
January 28, 2013, Jerusalem Post
Kinneret rises to near full capacity
by Sharon Udasin
January 24, 2013, The Marker
Water prices will continue to rise because of the Tycoons
by Gidon Bromberg
January 20, 2013, Palestinian TV (video - Arabic)
Interview on Palestinian TV with FoEME's Nader Khateeb and Deputy Patriarch
January 19, 2013, National Geographic News Watch
Ecological Healing in the ‘Holyland’
by Saleem Ali
January 10, 2013, Walla (Hebrew)
Is it worth it to desalinate?
Oped by Gidon Bromberg
January, 2013, Zeozwei Environmental Magazine (German)
War on the holy  River Jordan - is there still hope?
by Ranveig Eckhoff
December 2012, Global News (German)
The threat to the Jordan
Text by Inga Stocker
November 7, 2012, Water World
Master plan to help clean up Jordan River Basin
November 7, 2012, Environmental Analyst
Royal HaskoningDHV to write Jordan river plan
November 5, 2012, Washington Post
Royal HaskoningDHV to Create Master Plan for Jordan River Water
November 5, 2012, Bloomberg News
Royal HaskoningDHV to Create Master Plan for Jordan River Water
By Randall Hackley
November 2, 2012, NieuwsBank
Royal HaskoningDHV develops master plan for Jordan River Basin
November 2, 2012, Royal HaskoningDHV website
Royal HaskoningDHV Develops Master Plan for Jordan River Basin
By Suzette Schreuder
October 31, 2012, Addustor (Arabic)
An Agreement with Israel to Bring Life Back to the Jordan River
October 22, 2012, Yediot Aharonot
Once Pristine, Now Polluted, There's Hope Yet for Jordan River (English)
by Amir ben David
PDF of Hard Copy newspaper (Hebrew)
October 9, 2012, Ad Dustour (Arabic)
Jordanian Hemmeh - when investment turns into a disaster… and disappears off the list of tourism
October 2, 2012, Ha'aretz
Israel, Jordan taking steps to clean up Jordan River water
Read here the full article in PDF version
by Zafrir Rinat
October 2, 2012, Ha'aretz (Hebrew)
Environmentalists are worried:  Waste water treatment will improve water quality in the Jordan River, but will reduce water quantity
by Zafrir Rinat
October 2012, De Brug (Dutch)
It's good for Israelis, Jordanians, Palestinians as they manage their water resources together
by Max Arian
September 11, 2012, You Tube
MK Dr. Nahman Shai on the Jordan River / SIWI Seminar in Amman (Video, Hebrew)
September 5, 2012, Bloomberg News
Royal Haskoning To Work On Rehabilitation Of Lower Jordan River
by Gwen Ackerman
August 28, 2012, Duetsche Welle
A last ditch effort to rescue the River Jordan
by Vanessa O'Brien
July 2012, Christian Century
Can the Jordan Roll Again?
by Michael Schwartz
June 29, 2012, State of Formation
Speaking of Israel
by Yaira Robinson
June 23, 2012, Jordan and Jerusalem: A Hales Group Expedition
The Other Mideast Crisis
by dbostdorff
June 15, 2012, Energy Digital
Erin Brockovich on the World Water Crisis
by Carin Hall
June 13, 2012, United Nations Office in Geneva
Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East Discusses Civil Society in Media and Film, & Youth Activism and Social Media
June 7, 2012, America Abroad
The Politics of the Jordan River
by Linda Gradstein
May 10, 2012, San Francisco Examiner
Last Call at the Oasis takes on water crisis
by Lauren Gallagher
March 30, 2012, Green Prophet
Sea of Galilee Rises Two Meters But Still Runs Short of Water
by Maurice Picow
March 28, 2012, Jerusalem Post
Lessons from Australia for the lower Jordan River
by Gidon Bromberg
March 27, 2012 Radio Eco 99 (Hebrew)
Gidon Bromberg interview on the Jordan River and Chris Hammer visit
March 23, 2012, (Hebrew)
An Australian River returns to life.  Soon for the Lower Jordan River??
by Billi Frenkel
March 20, 2012, France 24
World Water Forum: Thirst for a Change (video - see minute 5:05)
By Claire Williams, Lara Melloul, Mairead Dundas, and Marina Bertsch
March 2012, Water Around the Mediterranean (see page 10)
The Jordan River: Declining, Disappearing, Endangered
by Yosra  Albakkar and Catherine Brown
February 10, 2012, Yediot Aharonot (Hebrew)
The Old Man from Naharayim
by Nahum Barnea
January 11, 2012, Solutions for Water
Transboundary Cooperation in the Lower Jordan River Basin
by Jauad El Kharraz
January, 2012, Fisheries and Fishfarming Magazine (Hebrew)
Roadmap for the Rehabilitation of the Jordan River (page 17-24)
by Gilad Safir, Youval Arbel, Gidon Bromberg, Elizabeth Ya'ari
December 23, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Sewage clogs Jordan River south of baptism site
by Sharon Udasin
December 23, 2011, Environment and Climate in the Middle East
Sewage clogs Jordan River south of baptism site - Jerusalem Post
by Sharon Udasin
December 22, 2011, The Independent
Israel to pump life back into sacred river
by Enjoli Liston
Decmeber 21, 2011, Arab News
Israel to restore clean water to Jordan River
by AP
December 20, 2011, Washington Post
Israel pledges to pump clean water to restore biblical Jordan River
by AP
December 20, 2011, Yahoo news
Israel to restore clean water to Jordan Rver
by AP
December, 2011, Orion Magazine
Holy Water
by Stephan Faris
December 2, 2011, The Israeli Internationalist (Blog)
Water: The Promise of a Bountiful Peace?
by Daniel Easterman
November 24, 2011, (Hebrew)
Environmental catastrophe: No fish in the Lower Jordan
by Tomer Porat
November 22, 2011, Polasa (Russian)
Save the Jordan River
November 20, 2011, Radio Galei Tzahal (Hebrew)
Impressions from Jordan River conference
November 20, 2011, Ha'aretz
Study: For a healthy Jordan River, divert less water to agriculture
by Zafrir Rinat
November 18, 2011, Jerusalem post
Restoration of Jordan River up for debate
by Sharon Udasin
November 17, 2011 (Hebrew)
Agriculture or River? How to rehabilitate the Jordan?
November 17, 2011 (Hebrew)
Water Cuts to Farmers Essential for Rehabilitation of the River Jordan
by Tomer Porat
November 17, 2011, The Marker (Hebrew)
Water Authority:  Israel might be asked to allocate more water to Jordan
by Amiram Cohen
November 17, 2011, News1 (Hebrew)
Rehabilitation of the Jordan River - at the expense of Agriculture?
by Meirav Arad
November 17, 2011, Nana10 (Hebrew)
Israel might be asked to allocate more water to Jordan
by Amiram Cohen
November 16, 2011, Radio Reshet Bet - Evening News (Hebrew)
Jordan River Conference - FoEME's Dr. Youval Arbel interviewed
by Noam Bar Shalom
November 16, 2011, Radio Voice of the Galil
Jordan River conference
November 16, 2011, Take Part
Gidon Bromberg on Jordan River Rehab; No Longer a Pipe Dream
by Sal Cardoni
November 14, 2011, Euro-Med Info on Water Issues website EMWIS
Roadmap for the Rehabilitation of the Lower Jordan River
November 13, 2011, Ha'aretz
Rubbing salt into the wound
by Yossi Sarid
November 3, 2011, Ma'an News Agency
Palestinian engineer awarded coexistence prize
October 31, 2011, Israland (Russian)
Mount Zion Award presented to Friends of the Earth Middle East
October 30, 2011, Dormition Abby website
Tribute to 2011 Mount Zion Awardees
On YouTube
October 30, 2011, Polosa (Russian)
Mount Zion Award presented to Friends of the Earth Middle East
October 30, 2011, Reshet Dalet - Yoman Erev (Arabic)
Mount Zion Award for the Rehabilitation of the Jordan River
October 29, 2011, Reshet Bet Radio - Way to Nature (Hebrew)
Mount Zion Award for the Rehabilitaton of the Jordan River
October 17, 2011, TakePart
Going Down to the River Jordan
Gallery: Photo of the Day
September 24, 2011, Le Monde (French)
Jordan River Multimedia Story:  The Water War:  The Jordan
by Celia Pernot
September 21, 2011, Disputed Waters
River Jordan
by Celia Pernot
September 19, 2011, Green Prophet
Following Naked Dead Sea – Would You Strip for the Jordan River?
by Maurice Picow
August 23, 2011, Revovle Magazine
The Jordan River:  Declining, Disappearing, Endangered
by Yosra Albakkar and Catherine Browne
April 6, 2011, Global Mag (French)
Jordan; death of a River
by Christofer Jauneau
April 1, 2011, WBEZ 91.5 (Radio)
Jordan River water project hopes to re-energize the Middle East peace process
by Worldview
April 1, 2011, NPR radio
Jordan River water project hopes to re-energize the Middle East peace process
March 31, 2011, The Jewish  Chronicle
A water crisis on the way for Middle East
March 8, 2011, Jordan Times
Conservationists call for rehabilitating Jordan River
by Hana Namrouqa
March 7, 2011, Jewish Daily Forward
A Matter of Life and Death
by Michael Kaminer
March 3, 2011, Marc Steiner Radio show
Gidon Bromberg during the J Street Conference
January 18, 2011, The Toronto Star
Faith, tradition, sewage meet in the River Jordan
by Linda Gradstein
January 18, 2011,
Should Christians get an 'Epiphany' about traveling to the Middle East?
by Paul Wood
January 14, 2011, Spiegel On-Line (German)
Baptism in a Polluted Trickle
by Thies Schnack
January 11, 2011, (Hebrew)
Huge festival for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River:  a thousand singers will sing for the Jordan
January 11, 2011, News 1 (Hebrew)
One thousand singers for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River
by Reuven Leib
January 10, 2011, Spiegel On-Line (German)
Holy Baptism in Dirty Broth
by Christoph Seidler