Press coverage 2010-2011
The following are articles that have been written about the Good Water Neighbors project in 2010-2011.
December 26,2011, Sababa04 Northern Israel Portal
Initiative: Joint EcoPark for Jenin and Gilboa
December 24, 2011, (Hebrew) - includes video (partly English)
Vison for the Kishon: Joint Ecological Park for Gilboa and Jenin
by Elad Rubinstein
November 19, 2011, Alkul (Arabic) - with many photos
A group of students from Friends of the Earth visit in Jordan
November 14, 2011, Palestine News Network
With Grey Water Recylcing, Hope Springs in the Desert
PNN staff
November 14, 2011, Environment and Climate in the Middle East
With Grey Water Recylcing, Hope Springs in the Desert
Posted by Itai Greenspan
October 11, 2011, World Affairs Council of Washington D.C.
Foreign Policy Series: “Share the Water, Build the Peace”
October 7, 2011,
Al Auja: Experiencing Palestine’s multifaceted cultural, environmental and political issues
by Teresa Berninger
October 5, 2011,  GreenWise Business UK
Security force: sustainability and conflict
by Anna Simpson
October 3, 2011, NZZ online (German)
Leeor Kaufman: Wadi Fukin -  A Village on the Border
by Angela Schader
October, 2011, Burn Magazine
Sabras - The Story of Wadi Fukin
by Leeor Kaufman
October 2, 2011, - Travel Section (Hebrew)
The Good Intentions Path
by Yotam Yakobson
October 2011, Participant Media
Festival 2011: LAST CALL AT THE OASIS trailer (YouTube)
The Glass is Still Half Full
October 2011, Global Waters
Building Bridges with Water (page 9-10)
September 29, 2011, Participant Media; Take Part
Can Water Bring Peace to the Middle East?
September 26, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Israeli, Palestinian experts meet over water agreements
by Sharon Udasin
September 22, 2011, Globes/Ha'aretz (Hebrew)
The Good Intentions Path
(Website version)
by Yotam Yakobson
September 2011, JO Magazine
Sharhabil EcoPark - Good Parks Start with Good Fences (Magazine version)
(Website version)
by Cassady Walters
September 11, 2011, The Daily News Egypt
Global Sister Cities Summit concludes with signing of MoU
by Omnia Al Desoukie
September 9, 2011, Al Masry Al Youm
Community self-advocacy needed to solve regional water mismanagement
by Louise Sarant
September 6, 2011, news
EcoPeace/Friends of the Earth Middle East: Environmental Peacemaking in Jordan, Palestine, and Israel
by Efrath Silver and Jessica Marx
August 17, 2011, Walla News (Hebrew)
SEJ prize to story on water allocation between Israelis and Palestinians
by Emilie Greenzweig
August 12, 2011, Society of Environmental Journalists website
Winners: Society of Environmental Journalists10th Annual Awards for Reporting on the Environment
See First Place - Outstanding Single Story
August 12, 2011, Skoll Foundation
Water:  What bonds Palestinians and Israelis
by Sally Farhat Kassab
August 12, 2011, Reshet Bet Israel Radio (Hebrew)
FoEME's objection to Expansion of Jordan Valley Land and Water Use to Settlements
by Shimon Vilna'i
August 5, 2011, GreehProphet
Palestine/Israel: A Stunning Tale of Peace, Water And Walls
by Arwa Aburawa
August 2, 2011, Hard News
Hope floats, on water
by Beena Sarwar
August 1, 2011
TEDx Talk at Yale University
July 31, 2011, Agriculture Magazine (Hebrew)
The World is Thirsty for Water
by Nehama Dushnik
July 29, 2011, AlJazeera
Can water end the Arab-Israeli conflict?
by Arwa Aburawa
July 26, 2011, Palestine Note
Wadi Fukin, a Valley of Hope and Despair
July 21, 2011, Al Arab (Arabic)
Survey:  83% of Israelis do not know the legal status of the Jordan Valley
by Khaled Abu Walid Ahmed
July 21, 2011, U.S. Global Leadership Coalition
Must Reads:  Good Water Neighbors
by Melissa Silverman
July 20, 2011, The International News Pakistan
Water sharing issues among neighbours can be resolved
by Aoun Sahi
July 20, 2011, Aman Ki Asha, the News
Needed:  Cooperation on Climate Change and on Water Sharing
by Aoun Sahi
July 20, 2011 Huffington Post Canada
Water Middle East
by Craig and Marc Kielburger
July 19, 2011, The
Global Voices: Water can be a bridge to peace in the Middle East
by Marc and Craig Keilburger 
July 18, 2011, Edmonton Journal
Mideast group floats plan for peace based on water
by Marc and Craig Keilburger
July 18, 2011, The Vancouver Sun
Middle East group hopes to bring people together over water
by Marc and Craig Keilburger
July 17, 2011, Times Colonist
Water can help create a bridge to peace in the Middle East
by Marc and Craig Kielburger
July 9, 2011, Ma'an News (Arabic)\
Students from the University of Jerusalem's Department of Environment on a field trip to Jericho and the Auja EcoCenter
July 9, 2011, The News International
Disaster management can bring Pakistan, India closer
by Khalid Khattak
July 9, 2011, The Express Tribune
Regional cooperation: ‘Climate change bigger threat than wars’
July 7, 2011, Green Prophet
Bethlehem’s Mayor Without Water For 34 Days
by Tafline Laylin
July 7, 2011, Alan Weinkratz blog
All We Are Saying... is Give Water a Chance
by Alan Weinkratz
July 6, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Panel on water solutions in Middle East gets heated
by Sharon Udasin
June 29, 2011, Mashov Haklaut (Hebrew)
A plan to desalinate grey water for agricultural use in West Bank villages
June 28, 2011, (Hebrew)
Cross Border Activism
by Jeremy Ben Shalom
June 23, 2011, Polosa (Russian)
Protecting the Environment - a common cause
June 23, 2011, (Russian)
Protecting the Environment - a common cause
June 23, 2011, the Epoch Times (Hebrew)
Knesset Environment Day - guests from Jordan and the Palestinian Authority
by Marlene Aviva Greenfeter
June 22, 2011, Jerusalem Post
Palestinians, Jordanians join Knesset environment day
by Sharon Udasin
June 22, 2011, (Hebrew)
Flowing?  Jordanian and Palestinians talk about water in the Knesset
by Arik Bendar
June 22, 2011, The Epoch Times (Hebrew)
Green in the Knesset on Environment Day
by Marlene Aviva Greenfeter
June 22, 2011, Kol Yisrael Arabic Radio
Environment Day in the Knesset
June 15, 2011, (Hebrew)
Where are environmental hazards located?  Check Google Earth
by NRG staff
June 15, 2011, Reshet Bet Radio (Hebrew)
FoEME and Google Earth
by Noam Bar Shalom
June 6, 2011, Israel21c
Let Peace Begin with Water
by Karin Kloosterman
June 3, 2011, Negev News (Hebrew)
First step to rehabilitating the Hebron Stream
by Oded Bar Meir
June 1, 2011, 52 New Things (Blog)
Friends of the Earth Middle East: Giving New Meaning to the Purpose of Challenge 6
by Trish Siplon
May 31, 2011, Haaretz (Hebrew)
Indications of a solution to Hebron sewage flowing into Israel
by Zafrir Rinat
May 31, 2011, Van Leer Institute website
Environmental Pollution Respects No Borders
with FoEME's Michal Sagive and Iyad Aburdeineh speaking
May 26, 2011, Jerusalem Post
PA to get $45m. wastewater treatment facility in Hebron
by Sharon Udasin
May 26, 2011, (Hebrew)
Sewage first: Coexistence flows through Hebron
by Amichai Atali and Dalia Mazori
May 25, 2011, Energia News (Hebrew)
$45M will be invested in a WWTP in Hebron
May 25, 2011, Tashtiyot (Hebrew)
The World Bank will invest $45M in the construction of a WWTP in Hebron
by Nati Grantz
May 25, 2011, The Marker (Hebrew)
The World Bank will invest $45M in the construction of a WWTP in Hebron
by Amiram Cohen
May 10, 2011, Huffington Post
The Arab Spring Flows Through Auja, Palestine
by Karin Kloosterman
May 7, 2011, CCTV
Auja Water Story
by Stephanie Fried
May 1, 2011, Green Prophet
A "Fresh" Arab Spring Flows Through Auja, Palestine
by Karin Kloosterman
April 30, 2011, Jordan Valley Regional Council local news (Hebrew)
A song for the Jordan River
April 29, 2011, U.S. Consul General of the U.S. Weekly Mailing
U.S. Support for Earth Day Highlighted by Consul General's Visit to the Al Auja Eco-Center in the Jordan Valley
April 27, 2011, Al Hayat al Gadida (Arabic)
U.S. Consul General visits Auja's Jordan Valley Environmental Center
April 26, 2011, U.S. Department of State Press Release
U.S. Support for Earth Day Highlighted by Consul General's Visit to the Al Auja Eco-Center in the Jordan Valley
April 19, 2011, Green Prophet
New EcoPark Opens in Jordan
by Arwa Aburawa
April 17, 2011, The Epoch Times (Hebrew)
EcoTourism vision - An area where the Lower Jordan River flows in its center
by Marlene Aviva Greenfetter
April 13, 2011, IBA TV News
Israeli Palestinian Water Accord
April 13, 2011, Ad Dustur (Arabic)
Prince Hassan: The Dead Sea has shrunk by two thirds between 1931 and 1993
by Ashraf Azawahrp
April 13, 2011,  Al Rai (Arabic)
Mr. Badran opens Sharhabil bin Hassaneh environmental EcoPark
by Ashraf Al-Ghazawi
April 11, 2011, Horinko Group
Friends of the Earth Middle East and Water Resources Action Project Join Forces
March newsletter
April 5, 2011, Kacha Zeh (Hebrew)
Warning: Students are also inspectors!
April 1, 2011, Hadit el Nas (Arabic)
Israeli - Palestinian Farmers meeting in Emek Hefer
April 1, 2011, Hadera News (Hebrew)
Farmers Peace
by Natan Doitch and Nitzan Heiman
April 1, 2011, Netanya News (Hebrew)
Fruits of Peace
by Natan Doitch and Nitzan Heiman
April 1, 2011, Modi'in News (Hebrew)
We're going for Good Neighbors
by Noga Feige
March 31, 2011, The Diplomat magazine
Sustainability: Our best defence?
(Case Study - Wadi Fukin)
by Anna Simpson
March 31, 2011, The Jewish Chronicle
A water crisis on the way for Middle East
March 30, 2011, Mekomon (Hebrew)
Palestinian Farmers in Emek Hefer
by Haim Sfada
March 22, 2011, Jordan Times
The importance of Water
by Charlotta Sparre
March 16, 2011, Israland (Russian)
Jordan River Song by Youth
March 11, 2011, Jordan Times
Green eco-park to be launched next year
by Hana Namrouqa
February 23, 2011, Alkul (Arabic)
Baka Gharbia - Ecofacility opening ceremony
February 17, 2011, Green Prophet
Jordan Valley Eco-Centre Opens Community Guesthouse
by Sarah Irving
February 14, 2011, (Arabic)
Women Friends of the Environment
February 9, 2011, Reshet Alef Radio (Hebrew)
Good Water Neighbors
January, 2011 National Geographic Traveler (Hebrew)
Neighbors Paths
by Eyal Shapira
January 25, 2011, (Hebrew)
A 'green' family
by Shahar Peled
January 7, 2011,  Wiesbaden Erbesheimer Scoreboard
Environmental protection and peace work in Jordan
by Theresa Schwarz
December 15, 2010, Al Hayat (Arabic)
A workshop in Al Bireh calls for the initiation of the national awareness program related to Water and Environment
December 15, 2010, Al Quds (Arabic)
Call for the initiation of a national awareness program especially for water and environment
December 15, 2010, Al Ayam (Arabic)
In a workshop at Al Bireh, discussion of ways to save environment and find solution for the water problem
December 14, 2010, Maan News Agency (Arabic)
A call for the initiation for a national awareness program specially for Water & Environment
December 14, 2010, Palestine News Network (Arabic)
FoEME and WEDO organized a workshop at the Red Crescent in El Bireh entitled "Environmental Challenges in Palestine" to discuss the importance of environmental awareness and saving Palestinian water rights
December 15, 2010, Wafa News Agency (Arabic)
Discussion on ways to save the environment and find solutions for water problems
December 13, 2010, Anna Lindh Foundation website
EcoPeace Honored in Brussels
December 10, 2010, EMWIS - EuroMed Information System on know-how in the Water sector
Friends of the Earth Middle East: "Good Water Neighbors" Annual Regional Conference
December 1, 2010, ENPI Info Center
Eco Peace to receive Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue Award in Brussels
November 25, 2010, Anna Lindh Foundation website
Eco Peace to be Awarded in Brussels
press release
November 23, 2010, Israel 21c
Israel joint winner of dialogue award
November 22, 2010, Green Capital TV (video - German)
The Onassis Environmental Award
November 22, 2010, The Jordan Times
Onassis Prize to benefit Jordan Valley residents
by Jakob Jessen
November 20, 2010, Greek Reporter
1st Onassis Int’l Prize for the Protection of the Environment Awarded in Hamburg!
by Apostolos Papapostolou
November 17, 2010, (German)
Ecotourism to save the Jordan
by Christoph Dreyer
November 17, 2010,
"Aristotle Onassis Prize for the Protection of the Environment" goes to "Friends of the Earth Middle East"
November 16, 2010, Greek Reporter
Alternate Minister for Environment, Energy & Climate Change Represents Greece @ The Aristotle Onassis Int’l Prize for the Protection of the Environment
by Venetia Aftzigianni
November 15, 2010, AlJazeera
Valleys of Hope and Despair
by Joshka Wessels
November 10, 2010, Models of Unity
Good Water Neighbors
November 10, 2010, Ecolocalizer
1st Prize for the Protection of the Environment Goes to Friends of the Earth Middle East
by Zachary Shahan
November 9, 2010, Euro-Mediterranean Information System on know-how in the Water sector - International portal
Israel, Jordan and PA Water/Peace Group Get Onassis €250,000 Prize
November 9, 2010, Alkul news (Arabic)
Ecofacility in Baka Gharbia
November 9, 2010, (Arabic)
Ecofacility in Baka Gharbia
November 8, 2010, Planet Save
Friends of the Earth Middle East Wins Big Award
by Zachary Shahan
November 7, 2010, Friends of the Earth Italy
A Friends of the Earth Middle East il premio Onassis 2010 per la protezione dell'Ambiente
November 7, 2010, Arutz Sheva
Middle East Group Wins Environmental Prize
November 6, 2010, Embassy of Sweden in Amman - website
Discussions on the environmental situation of the Lower Jordan River
November 3, 2010, Science and Technology news
The Aristotle Onassis International Prize for the Protection of the Environment 2010 is awarded to "Friends of the Earth Middle East"
November 2, 2010, Environmental
The Aristotle Onassis International Prize for the Protection of the Environment 2010 is awarded to the organization “Friends of the Earth Middle East“
Source:  Ruder Finn
November 2, 2010, Bikyamasr
Friends of the Earth Middle East awarded environment prize
by Bikya Masr staff
November 1, 2010, Green Prophet
Israel, Jordan and PA Water/Peace Group Get Onassis €250,000 Prize
by Karin Kloosterman
November 1, 2010, India Times
Israel, Jordan and PA Water/Peace Group Get Onassis €250,000 Prize
October 30, 2010, Think About It
Middle Eastern Environmental Heroes? FoEME’s Directors!!!
by Hussam
October 13, 2010, Green Prophet
Leaders In The Middle East Need To Take A Big Jump To Address Water Problems
from Common Ground News Service
October 8, 2010, Skoll Foundation
Ecopeace-Friends of the Earth Middle East Featured on PBS Newshour
by Julie Jacobs
October 8, 2010, Haaretz
Israel may seek PA cooperation on would-be UNESCO Heritage Site
by Zafrir Rinat
October 8, 2010,  Haaretz (Hebrew)
A hike on the seamline with Gaza
by Moshe Gilad
October 7, 2010, Middle East Online
Water more important than oil for Middle East Peace 
October 5, 2010, PBS News Hour
In Middle East, Coalition Aims to Ease Tension Over Water Resources
with Fred de Sam Lazaro
October 5, 2010, Palestine Note
Water more important than oil for Middle East Peace
October 5, 2010, Common Ground News Service
Water more important than oil for Middle East Peace
September 23, 2010, Jordan Times - Business Club
Marriott Hotels in Jordan celebrate 'Clean Up the World Campaign'
(third item)
September 21, 2010, Jerusalem Post
The Rivers and the Road Map
by Ron Friedman
September 20, 2010,  Under-told Story Projects
Israeli Settlements and Palestinians
September 15, 2010, United Nations Environment Program
Millions unite for 'Clean up the World' campaign
Lara Charles
September 15, 2010, Australian Embassy Website
Clean up the world - environment education day
September 15, 2010, Horizons Solutions
Grassroots Campaign Unites Millions across Globe to Restore and Protect Nature
September 10, 2010,
To Israel and Palestine Cross-Border Towns, Water Is a Path to Peace
by Jesse Leber
September 7, 2010, Eshkol Regional Council Newspaper
Bi-national coalition to clean up the Besor River (page 10-11)
by Tal Shamir
September 2, 1010, Jerusalem Post
Arab-Israeli Eco group scores award
by Jerusalem Post staff
September 1, 2010, Tashtit (Hebrew)
FoEME wins Euro-Med Award
August 30, 2010,
Muslims go 'green' for Ramadan
by Michele Chabin
August 26, 2010, Palestine Monitor
The Stink of Control
August 5, 2010 - Palestine Monitor
Could Tourism Save The Jordan Valley?

August 3, 2010 - The Daily Star
In the midst of Gaza's calamity lies an opportunity
By Joseph Mayton

August 2, 2010 - Radio All for Peace (Hebrew)
Hagit Lifshitz with Friends of the Earth, Middle East, "On Wolves and Giraffes - Peace is Not Only Politics"

July, 2010 - Clean up the World
Eshkol (Negev) - Summer Camps - Last Week in July 2010

July 22, 2010, Common Ground News Service
In the Midst of Gaza's Calamity Lies an Opportunity
By Joseph Mayton
July 25, 2010 - Jewish Federations of North America
Mekor Chaim: Ekev
by Rabbi Steven Moskowitz

June 6, 2010 - NRG (Hebrew)
The factory in Jericho pollutes: Isrealis and Palestinians both suffer
by Tal Libergal

June 3, 2010 - All for Peace Radio
The connection between the Environment and Peace

June 1, 2010 - Ynet (Hebrew)
Guli Ortal-Ivri Presents: Plastic Bags; To Be or Not To Be
by Eran Dekel

April 26, 2010 - Green Prophet
Black Globe for Israel's PM, While Green Goes To Worthy Organizations
by Karen Chernick

April 23, 2010 - Life and Environment
Green Globes Announcement page

April 23, 2010 - Ha'aretz (Hebrew)
Earth Day: Wadi Fuqin: On one side a Wall, on the other side, Waste
by Zafrir Rinat

April 22, 2010, Israel Channel 10 TV (Hebrew)
"The Professionals" program

April 22, 2010 - Jerusalem Post
And the Green Globe goes to...
by Ehud Zion Waldoks

April 22, 2010 - Israel Ministry of Environment
Israel Green Globe Winners

April 21,2010 - Alkul (Arabic)
Visit of U.S. Under Secretary of State Ms. Maria Otero to Baka el Gharbia and the GWN project

April 21, 2010 - Loblab (Arabic)
Visit of U.S. Under Secretary of State Ms. Maria Otero to Baka el Gharbia and the GWN project

April 19, 2010 - JTA
Palestinian village and Israeli town build rare partnership across line
By Sue Fishkoff

April 15, 2010 - The Jewish Chronicle
The Arabs, the Jew and the quiet eco-project
By Robyn Rosen

April 14, 2010 - American
Jordanian Entrepreneur Leads Regional Environmental Cooperation
By M. Scott Bortot

March 9, 2010, Blog
Green Mideast Peace
Good Water Neighbors
by J Shamsul

March 5, 2010, Epoch Times (Hebrew)
Israeli Palestinian Good Neighbors in Wadi Fuqin
by Aviva-Marlene Greenfetter

March 4, 2010, New Security Beat
Green objections to the Green Line: A Struggle for a Shared Environment in the Middle East
By Julien Katchinoff

February 27, 2010, / Ma'ariv (Hebrew)
Green from anger: Israelis and Palestinians against the Separation Barrier at Wadi Fuqin
by Tal Shneider

February 17, 2010, Al Rai (Arabic)
Deir Alla Municipality intends to use two birds in Jordan to adopt the project of biological control of rodents to reduce the negative effects on the environment and human life

February 14, 2010, Ad Dustour (Arabic)
FoEME holds workshops with "Water Trustees" students in Hema, Jordan
January 19, 2010, Skoll Foundation blog
Skoll Foundation at Sundance Film Festival
by Bruce Lowry
January 12, 2010, Quotidiano Net (Italian)
Israelis and Palestinians together - A peace on the water of the Jordan
by Chiara Alvisi
January 8, 2010, Al-Quds and AL-Ayyam Newspaper (Arabic)
Dr. Attili Visits the Western Bethlehem Villages for a close look on the water situation