Maps of Regional Final Status Issues
This page is a compilation of maps from different organizations in relation to Israeli-Palestinian and Israeli-Syrian border issues.

S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace
The S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace is a leading expert on the border issue related to the Middle East conflict, at times helping decision makers make informed decisions about the borders. Over the past few years, the Center has contributed to the development of an extensive map database, covering the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip.

Geneva Initiative Israeli-Palestinian Permanent Borders
Illustrations of the final status border between Israel and Palestine proposed by the Geneva Initiative.

Mofaz plan: Palestinian state in temporary borders
Ynet article, October 30, 2009 by Attila Somfalvi
Political stalemate leads Kadima MK to form his own peace plan, according to which Palestinian State will initially be set up on 50%-60% of territory, but eventually span 92% of West Bank, with isolated settlements evacuated

James Baker Institute for Public Policy – Rice University
Getting to the Territorial Endgame of an Israeli-Palestinian Peace Settlement: A special report by the Israeli-Palestinian Workshop of the Baker's Institute Conflict Resolution Forum
Appendix III: Maps – Israeli and Palestinian Territorial Proposals

Geneva Initiatve – Designated Roads
This annex determines principles and procedures for the use of specified roads without the need for regular procedures required for crossing the border between the countries.

The Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution
Building a State, Building Peace: How to Make a Roadmap that Works for Palestinians and Israelis
Appendix - Maps

United States Insitute of Peace
Mapping Peace between Israel and Syria
Commissioned in mid-2008 by the United States Institute of PeaceÂ’s Center for Mediation and Conflict Resolution, this report builds upon two previous groundbreaking works by the author that deal with the obstacles to Syrian-Israeli peace and propose potential ways around them