National Water Strategies
Jordan faces a complex set of development challenges stemmed from chronic water scarcity. The situation is aggravated by climatic conditions, geography and the region's geopolitical environment. Water scarcity poses a serious challenge that affects the wellbeing, security and economic future of all Jordanians.
Jordan's new National Water Strategy for 2016-2025 aims to guide Jordan in setting future goals and specific objectives to deliver results for the water sector in next two decades, with contributions and support of all Jordanians.
This report is considered as a reference document to abstract figures and facts on the status of Palestinian water supply and demand and it shows the difference in water consumption rates within Palestinian governorates.
The herewith-presented report includes an analysis of the causes for the crisis in the israeli water economy and a list of recommendations on various subjects related to the water economy, which in the view of the Israeli National Investigation Committee will assist in the balanced management of the water economy and the prevention of severe crises in the future.