What can you do to support EcoPeace?
EcoPeace Middle East partners with individuals, students, community groups, faith based groups, universities and institutions in our region and throughout the world to advance our goals of building peace through sustainable use of our region's shared natural resources.

Some suggestions that we have to get you involved include:

1. Donate to EcoPeace Middle East. To learn how click here.
2. Sign up for our Environmental Peacemaking newsletter to receive monthly updates at www.foeme.org.
3. Sign our Jordan River Covenant to push the issue of the need for the rehabilitation of the Jordan River up the political agenda.
4. Educate yourself about regional environmental challenges by reading our publications, following our blog, and asking questions.
5. Spread the message by making a presentation about the shared natural resources of Israel, Palestine and Jordan at your school, community center, synagogue, church or mosque. EcoPeace can help by supplying you with prepared presentations too.
6. Invite EcoPeace representatives to speak at your school, community center, synagogue, church or mosque.
7. Write to your representatives in the US House and Senate to encourage them to support regional efforts to rehabilitate the Jordan River and the Dead Sea. EcoPeace has example letters to help you organize letter writing campaigns too!
8. Come on a visit to the region!
9. Encourage your local school, community center, synagogue, church or mosque to include a tour of our Neighbors Paths to learn about the region's shared natural resources during their next visit. To learn more click here.

10. Stay in EcoPeace's ecocenters in Ein Gedi, Israel; Sharhabil bin Hassanah in Jordan and Auja in Palestine. To learn more click here.

Often the best ideas come from people just like you. We would love to hear about your activities and ideas to advance environmental peacemaking!

Please write to us at info@foeme.org.

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